Salonpas vs Icy Hot: differences in these pain relief

Salonpas a pain relief that reduces inflammation and pain at the affected area related to muscle strains, arthritis, backaches. Icy Hot a pain relief that provides relief from minor aches and pains related to muscle and joint issues.

Salonpas and Icy Hot are both renowned topical analgesic solutions designed to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort. Salonpas gel delivering pain relief through ingredients such as methyl salicylate, menthol, and camphor it offer localized relief and are customizable for different areas of the body. On the other hand, icy Hot is available in gel or cream formulations, with its signature dual-action approach providing an initial cooling sensation followed by a warming effect. Its primary ingredients include menthol and methyl salicylate, offering versatility for broader application on various body parts.

While Salonpas come in gel and patch form is known for its discreet and easy-to-use patches, Icy Hot’s gel or cream allows for a massage-style application. Users may choose based on format preference, the intensity of relief needed, and personal sensitivities, recognizing that both products share the common goal of providing accessible over-the-counter pain relief for external use.

Salonpas vs IcyHot
Salonpase vs Icy Hot

3 Types and format of Salonpas products

  1. Patches:

Salonpas patches are thin, flexible, and often square or rectangular in shape. They may vary in size to accommodate different body areas.

Salonpas patches
Salonpas patches
Salonpas gel patch
Salonpas gel patch
Salonpas patches
Salonpas patches

2. Salonpas Gel

Salonpas Deep Relief gel employs three active ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin, offering optimal pain relief. Apply the gel with ease even under clothing, and experience up to 8 hours of relief from a variety of discomforts such as muscle soreness, sprains, back pain, joint pain, and neck pain.

Salonpas Gel
Salonpas Gel

3. Salonpas pain relieving jet spray

Salonpas spray is designed for the treatment of minor muscle and joint aches and pains, including conditions like arthritis, backache, and sprains. Its active ingredients, menthol, and methyl salicylate, function as counterirritants, creating a sensation of coolness followed by warmth on the skin to alleviate discomfort.

Salonpas jet spray
Salonpas jet spray
single salonpas spray
single salonpas spray

Icy Hot Type and Format

Icy Hot comes in several form and can be purchase at any pharmacy, grocery and retail outlet like Walmart ,Target ETC. They can be purchase without a prescription.

  1. Spray

formulated to alleviate minor aches and pains in muscles and joints, including conditions like arthritis, backache, and sprains. Its key ingredients, menthol, and methyl salicylate, act as counterirritants, inducing a cooling sensation followed by warmth on the skin to provide relief.

IcyHot spray
IcyHot spray
IcyHot ProDry spray
IcyHot ProDry spray

IcyHot Pro spray incorporates two potent pain relievers designed to target a wider range of pain points.* The spray dispenses from any angle, ensuring convenience, and dries quickly, eliminating concerns about dripping or creating a mess.

It targets Sprains, Strains, Backache, Bruises and Arthritis.

IcyHot Max with Lidocaine
Icy Hot Max with Lidocaine

Icy Hot Lidocaine Dry Spray relieve pain swiftly with . Engineered for rapid drying, this formula contains the highest lidocaine concentration accessible without a prescription*, ensuring fast-acting and enduring pain relief. it dispenses from any angle and dries promptly, eliminating concerns about dripping or creating a mess. It targets Neck ,shoulder, leg, knee, elbow, back ache arms and ankle pain

IcyHot Original Dry Spray
Icy Hot Original Dry Spray

With a cooling effect that numbs the pain, followed by a comforting warmth to soothe achy muscles and joints. This versatile spray dispenses at any angle, ensuring convenience, and dries rapidly, eliminating concerns about dripping or creating a mess. Its advanced formula is designed to penetrate down to your nerves, delivering effective pain relief. It target Arthritis, Backache ,Bruises, Strain, Sprain.

2. No-mess applicators

The applicator allows you to effortlessly roll on the pain relief liquid and massage it into the affected area, initiating prompt relief. What sets it apart is its quick-drying formula, ensuring that you get the relief you need without any unnecessary mess.

These kid-sized patches are specially developed for children 5 years and older and provide cooling relief on your child’s back, legs, arms and shoulders.

3. Cream & Rubs

Temporary relief from minor pains associated with arthritis, muscle, and joint discomfort with our non-greasy pain relief balm. This potent formula provides a dual-action approach, initially delivering a refreshing icy sensation to alleviate pain, followed by a soothing heat to help relax and ease discomfort. Rapidly effective, this powerful pain relief solution starts working within minutes and offers long-lasting relief for hours, allowing you to resume your daily activities without the hindrance of pain.

ProCream , Balm and Gel
ProCream , Balm and Gel

4. Gel

It commences with a cooling effect that alleviates pain, transitioning into a warming sensation to ease discomfort in muscles and joints. Powerful pain relief for muscle and joints .

5. Patches

Icy Hot patches are topical pain relief products designed to provide a dual-action sensation. They begin with a cooling effect to numb and soothe pain, followed by a warming sensation that targets achy muscles and joints for relief. These patches are applied directly to the skin, delivering a controlled release of active ingredients to the affected areas.

Icy Hot Patches

Differences between Salonpas and Icy Hot

SalonpasIcy Hot
– Camphor – Menthol – Methyl Salicylate – Some patches contain NSAIDs (e.g., diclofenac)
Menthol – Methyl Salicylate


– Varies by formulation – Can provide cooling or warming effects
– Combines cooling and warming sensations – Typically starts with a cooling effect, followed by warmth
Product Types
Patches – Creams – Gels – Sprays
Product Types
Creams – Patches – Roll-ons – Sleeves
Some products have a milder fragrance compared to Icy Hot
Known for a distinct and sometimes strong scent, attributed to menthol and other active ingredients
Some patches designed with specific shapes and sizes for targeted application
Offers a variety of formulations, including patches and creams – Designed for specific purposes like back pain, arthritis, or muscle soreness
table showing the differences
IcyHot vs Salonpas
Icy Hot vs Salonpas

Similarities between Salonpas and Icy Hot

  1. Topical Analgesics: Both Salonpas and Icy Hot are topical analgesics, meaning they are applied directly to the skin to provide relief from pain.

2. Active Ingredients: Both products typically contain active ingredients that produce a cooling or warming sensation to help alleviate pain. These ingredients often include menthol, camphor, and/or methyl salicylate.

Key Active Ingrediencies of Salonpas vs Icy Hot


  • Camphor: It is a white, crystalline substance with a strong odor. In topical analgesics like Salonpas, camphor is used for its mild anesthetic properties, providing a cooling sensation and helping to alleviate pain.
  • Menthol: This is a natural compound derived from peppermint oil or other mint oils. Menthol produces a cooling sensation on the skin and is often used topically for its analgesic (pain-relieving) effects.
  • Methyl Salicylate: This is an organic ester commonly found in wintergreen oil. Methyl salicylate has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and it’s often used in topical pain relief products. It can also contribute to a warming sensation.

Icy Hot:

icyhot original
icy hot original
  • Menthol: As mentioned earlier, menthol is a common ingredient in topical analgesics. It creates a cooling sensation on the skin and is known for its ability to temporarily relieve pain.
  • Camphor: Similar to Salonpas, camphor is used in Icy Hot for its analgesic and cooling effects. It can help reduce the perception of pain and discomfort.

Important Steps Appling Salonpas pain relief Gel

Salonpas gel deep relieving pain
Salonpas gel deep relieving pain
Salonpas gel
Salonpas gel
  1. Clean Hands:
    • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying the gel. This helps prevent the introduction of bacteria to the affected area.
  2. Clean the Affected Area:
    • If the area to be treated is dirty, clean it gently with mild soap and water. Pat it dry with a clean towel.
  3. Read the Instructions:
    • Carefully read the instructions provided with the Salonpas Gel. Follow the recommended dosage and application frequency. Pay attention to any specific instructions about the affected area.
  4. Apply the Recommended Amount:
    • Squeeze a dime size measure the recommended amount of gel .
  5. Apply Gently:
    • Gently rub or spread the gel over the affected area. Use a smooth, even motion to ensure uniform coverage. massage thoroughly until into the skin.
  6. Wash Hands After Application:
    • After applying the gel, wash your hands again to remove any residue. This is important, especially if you’ve used your hands to apply the gel.
  7. Follow Usage Instructions:
    • Stick to the recommended frequency and duration of use. Do not exceed the prescribed amount unless directed by your healthcare provider.
  8. Avoid Contact with Eyes and Mucous Membranes:
    • Be careful to avoid getting the gel in your eyes, nose, mouth, or other mucous membranes. If accidental contact occurs, rinse the area thoroughly with water.
  9. Wait Before Dressing:
    • Some gels may require a few minutes to dry or be absorbed. Check the product instructions for any specific recommendations regarding dressing or covering the treated area.
  10. Monitor for Adverse Reactions:
    • Keep an eye out for any signs of irritation, redness, or allergic reactions. If you experience any unusual symptoms, discontinue use and consult your healthcare provider.
Icyhot and Salonpas two unique pain relief.
Icyhot and Salonpas two unique pain relief.

Salonpas and Icy Hot Patch vs Their Gel

Here’s a simple table comparing Patch and Gel.

Salonpas & Icy Hot
Salonpas & Icy Hot
Hands-free ApplicationRequires manual
The patches are noticeable depends
when applied
this tends to absorb into the skin when
and is not noticeable by other.
Sticks to the skin.Applied directly to the skin and can be massaged.
Has Continuous release actionGel offers immediate relief upon application and can be reapplied as needed
Limited (pre-sized patch)Can be applied and massaged
as needed.
Can only be use once by one
Use multiple times since only
what is need is squeezed out of the tube.
Skin Irritation due to adhesive or medication.May cause skin irritation only
if the individual is allergic to the medication in the gel.

Considerations and warnings when using Icy Hot.

  1. For external use only.
  2. Do not use on wounds ,irritated or damaged skin.
  3. Do not use with heating pads at the same time with analgesic.
  4. Use only as directed and do not bandage area tightly.
  5. Avoid contact with the eye mouth and any other mucus membrane.
  6. After application do not expose the area to local heat or direct sunlight.
  7. Avoid applying into skin folds.
  8. If pregnant or breast feeding ask your doctor before use.
  9. keep out of the reach of children.
  10. for children under 12 yrs ask your doctor before use.

When using this product a slight burning sensation may occur when applied but generally subsides in several days.

Rare cases of burns have been reported with products of this sort.

Salonpas gel topical analgesic
Salonpas gel topical analgesic
Key areas Salonpas targets
Key areas Salonpas targets

Primary Concerns when Using Salonpas

  1. For external use only.
  2. Do not use on wounds ,irritated or damaged skin.
  3. Do not use with heating pads at the same time with analgesic.
  4. Use only as directed and do not bandage area tightly.
  5. Avoid contact with the eye mouth and any other mucus membrane.
  6. After application do not expose the area to local heat or direct sunlight.
  7. Avoid applying into skin folds.
  8. If pregnant or breast feeding ask your doctor before use.
  9. keep out of the reach of children.
  10. for children under 12 yrs ask your doctor before use.
  11. store at 20-25 degree Celsius.
  12. Flammable: keep away from flame.

Avoid storing this product in direct sunlight and protect it from excessive moisture. Keep out of the reach of children and store with lid tightly close

Where Can I Purchase These Salonpas and Icy Hot?

  1. Local Drugstores and Pharmacies:
    • Visit your local drugstores or pharmacies such as CVS, Rite Aid, or any other similar stores.
  2. Supermarkets and Grocery Stores:
    • Many supermarkets and grocery stores have a health and wellness section where you can find over-the-counter medications. Examples include Walmart and Kroger.
  3. Big-Box Retailers:
    • Stores like Walmart, Target, and Costco often carry a variety of over-the-counter medications and pain relief products.
  4. Online Retailers:
    • You can purchase Salonpas and Icy Hot from online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other health and wellness websites.
  5. Pharmacy Chains:
    • Check with major pharmacy chains like CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid, both in-store and online.
  6. Health and Beauty Stores:
    • Stores like Ulta Beauty or Sally Beauty may carry these products in their health and wellness sections.
  7. Medical Supply Stores:
    • Some medical supply stores or specialty health stores may also carry these products.
  8. Convenience Stores:
    • Some convenience stores may have a limited selection of over-the-counter medications, so it’s worth checking.

When purchasing online, make sure to verify the authenticity and reputation of the seller, especially on platforms like Amazon. Reading customer reviews can also help you make an informed decision. Additionally, prices may vary between different retailers, so it’s a good idea to compare prices to get the best deal.

6 Crucial tips for assessing potential allergies prior to using Salonpas and Icy Hot.

It’s a good idea to perform a patch test to check for any potential allergic reactions. This is particularly important if you have sensitive skin or a history of allergies. Here’s how you can do a patch test:

  1. Choose a Small Area: Select a small and discreet area of skin, such as the inside of your forearm or behind your ear.
  2. Clean the Area: Clean the chosen area with mild soap and water, and ensure it’s completely dry.
  3. Apply a Small Amount: Apply a small amount of the gel product to the chosen area. Use only a small dab or drop—enough to cover a small patch of skin.
  4. Wait and Observe: Allow the product to remain on your skin for at least 24 hours. During this time, avoid washing the area.
  5. Check for Reactions: Monitor the test area for any signs of irritation, redness, itching, swelling, or other allergic reactions. If you notice any adverse effects, discontinue use immediately.
  6. No Reaction? Proceed with Caution: If you don’t experience any adverse reactions during the test period, it’s still a good idea to use the product cautiously when you first apply it more widely. Some reactions may not occur immediately.

If you have a known allergy to certain ingredients, make sure to check the product’s label for those specific allergens before performing the patch test.

Remember that individual reactions can vary, and what works well for one person may not be suitable for another. If you have any concerns or doubts, it’s advisable to consult with a healthcare professional or a dermatologist before using the product more extensively. If you experience a severe allergic reaction, seek medical attention promptly.

Where are Salonpas and Icy Hot Manufractured?

Salonpas and Icy Hot are manufactured in various locations, and the specific manufacturing sites may vary based on the product and the company’s production arrangements.

Salonpas manufracture in:

Salonpas is manufactured by Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co., Inc. The company is based in Japan, and it’s known for producing various healthcare and pharmaceutical products, including topical analgesic patches like Salonpas.

Icy Hot Manufracture in:

Icy Hot is manufactured by Chattem, Inc., a subsidiary of Sanofi. Chattem is an American company, and they produce Icy Hot in the United States. It is produce in Chattanooga Tennessee USA,

FDA approved Salonpas

This product was approved by FDA on  2/20/2008

Shelf Life of Salonpas

Expired in 36 months when stored at 25 degree Celsius or within range of 15 degree to 30 degree Celsius.

Ingredients of Salonpas and Icy Hot

Salonpas ingrediencies: aluminum silicate, dihydroxy aluminum iminoacetate, disodium edetate, gelatin, glycerin, methylparaben, oleic acid, polyacrylic acid, polyvinyl alcohol, water.

Icy Hot ingrediencies: Icy Hot contains two active ingredients

  • Menthol 10%
  • Methyl Salicylate 30%

Additionally, it includes various inactive ingredients such as Carbomer, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl Esters, Oleth-3 Phosphate, Polysorbate 60, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, and Water (309-184).